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Amita & Ajay Gupta hold nearly over 30 years of work experience in not only dealing with the import export market but into apparel and  wedding invitations. The duo has worked hard to establish their labels AAHELI and MULMUL by Arabella Mode.

Their labels capture Indian tradition & blends them with contemporary fashion, keeping alive the rich culture heritage of Rajasthan. They constantly celebrate the authenticity of Indian arts & culture and the same can be reflected in their collection. The labels tries to maintain an open and honest relationship with its craftsmen, since they  believe that craftsmanship is a luxurious  & sophisticated fusion of creativity and artisanal hand skills. The couple sincerely believes in honouring our Planet Earth by following sustainable, environment friendly production processes.

MULMUL as the word itself defines their collection, which is comfortable, fine & rich in quality. Every MULMUL collection will feel good on the skin and looks absolutely elegant. To have it straight from the horse’s mouth, Amita believes that “At MULMUL Indian craft or craftsmanship is not something which can be treated like fashion novelty which is to be forgotten when not in vogue. “

AAHELI believe that the tenents of beauty are not defined by ones age, skin colour or body type. AAHELI aims to provide chic everyday outfits to our female counterparts. Those who prefer to stay comfortable yet look chic, welcome our confident silhouettes where each piece is handcrafted specially for you.

The duo focus on injecting love in their brands and passing on the same to their clients. We are hopeful that you would feel the way same too.

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