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Welcoming our Lucknow based fashion designer who started his journey from the flea markets of the UK and soon established his own brand- ILAKSHI!
The designer is a postgraduate from Winchester School of Arts, University of Southampton, UK, and also has accomplishments in Fashion Art and Accessories from Eauclaire Institute, Wisconsin, USA. He is also a Member of Design Legends: Best of the Best in Design; Designer Hall of Fame, the UK since 2012. He stands runners-up for his collection at the A’Design Award and Competition in the category of Fashion and Apparel Design, in Milan, Italy.

The brand is named ILAKSHI which is a Sanskrit term describing the eyes of Goddess Laxmi that are visually represented in an extremely colourful way. The designer believes that- A WOMAN IS THE MOST ARTISTIC CREATION OF GOD.
Crafting all its products with love and design, ILAKSHI  follows a – less is more – concept by delivering products that will enhance your femininity and let you enjoy the moment of dressing up. The surface embroidery of each product is inspired from the engravings that you see on our historical monuments while the colours are inspired from the rich religions and cultures of India. Following the concept of no repetition of any design/print/embroidery that has once been produced – the brand gives you that uniqueness and exclusivity of design.

All the elements of design are carefully put together with a pure form of fabrics for you to leave a lasting and gorgeous impression. So….Dress Like It Matters;)

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