About Designer

Coming all the way from the American Land, Antara Ganguly introduced ARTYSKA to the world in October 2018 from the American land. Artyska travelled to India in early 2020. Antara envisions to have a large global presence in the Indian Market.
Artyska is committed to delivering increasing value to our customers worldwide while seeking to uphold our social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities..

About the Label

As Sheeky as it might appear, Artyska is here to bring the best blend of eastern and western world. While I just spin my wand and spill some magical uber designs using the most chic silhouettes you all would experience a plethora of edits that you surely can’t ignore.
Artyska wishes to turn your feelings into fashion while parallely it’s global vision is to emanate fusion of the two worlds. Yes you are right, Artyskya is there to your rescue, it will create fashion for your very own personalised style.
Are you all wondering where the emphasis is? Off course, its on YOU!! Being a designer at heart, the profound owner of Artyska values YOU the most. Don’t forget- customer is our asset !

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