About Designer

Welcoming fashion fanatic- Meghna Khanna who decided to pursue a career in fashion in her childhood. Graduated from Pearl, New Delhi as a first batch during the 2020 pandemic and after working under a renowned designer for a few months she decided to put her efforts into building something that is going to be a forever thing and that’s when DA-SEED was born in October 2020 with the vision, perspectives, hands and eyes of her and became a dream to live for, a journey to walk on. Meghna wanted DS to become a forever wardrobe option for people to cherish throughout their lifetime with designs that last forever. “Fashion has the power to set your mood, to make your day, to get you away and something which is comfortable yet unique, subtle yet stylish, cool yet chic” said Meghna. 

About the Label

DA- SEED the name deprives of seeding a new plant. It is the hardest part to plant a seed because it requires utmost attention and care. This seed is their dream. The brand is built on the same foundation and connotation, they have planted a new seed in fashion and it is going to bring a new fashion wave which is vitally important. The brand speaks out for its carefully curated unique silhouettes, classic signature detailing and exploring the wide world of fabrics although selecting them carefully-centrically focusing on providing comfort and gentle for the skin. These silhouettes are eternal and not made to fade away with trends. The brand focuses on delivering luxury with comfort, capturing the aesthetics and need of stylish, unique, unpretentious clothing.
They constantly push themselves and their boundaries to explore more in the fashion world in a way to provide customers with the best of best luxury that fits them beautifully.

About Designer da seed

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