About Designer

Seema Dhall, was 18 years old when she decided to pursue a textile design diploma because she had believed in her passion and learning that it’s going to turn into a brand one day. Ever since she completed her diploma, she kept herself engaged in something or the other related to textile design, like teaching the various hand-printing techniques, providing hand-printed home linen and apparel to her customers, etc.

After years of experience, at the age of 56, she was captured by this idea of doing something new, something unique. This was when her 18-year-old self came handy. She recalled the EBRU art, which back then, was just a small fraction of her diploma, mastered it once again, and with all the love and support from her family, started her own brand, EBRU’S.

About the Label

Started with a mother’s love for textile design and her sons’ dream to turn it into a brand label, EBRU’S is a product of the experience and creativity of our designer and her sons. At Ebru’s, they use the Turkish Ebru Art for hand-marbling beautiful and unique prints on fabric. Every new cloth that they print, has a distinct design. They make their prints on pure quality fabrics that portray elegance and simplicity. 

They handcraft numerous apparel products like Kaftans, Co-ord sets (both short and long), Dresses, Unisex Shirts, and many more. “We believe that everyone carries a personal style and offer customisation in our products as well. Together, we imagine a new style”- Ebru’s.


About Designer Ebru

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