About Designer

The most significant career-defining choice Eesha Gupta made was when she choose to pursue Bachelors in garment design at MIT institute of design, Pune. As a young design student, her college experience not only enlightened her to design as an art form but also gave her an excellent grounding in the process of cutting and marking a garment.

Her milestone decision to start her own design line under her own name not only added a business dimension but also gave her a fresh canvas to translate her creativity to use indigenous textiles and engage with various artisans and their crafts. It gave her a channel to revive various crafts and showcase them to a global audience.

 About the Label

Creating designs for the gen-next women, we have kept ethnicity and Indian culture as key factors for our clothing.
Blend of COTTONS, GEORGETTE and SUEDES, each look is crafted with love and passion.
Embellishments inspired by nature around but moulded through perfectionism through geometric appliques, threadwork, errorless seams and stitches which are visible all over our collections. Also in today’s world of economic priorities, we make silhouettes that fit your pockets and wardrobe.

Aspiring to keep you gracefully adorned all day long and also for your special evenings, we EESHA GUPTA STUDIO bring you a perfect mould of class and culture that make you stand out while also keeping the comforting impact.

About Designer Eesha

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