About Designer

Shiv Pratap is an Indian Fashion Designer who has graduated in 2015 and thereinafter joined the Fashion Industry. Within a year Shiv realised his bent towards street style fashion and he started working towards the same. All his hardwork culminated into launch of GREY LABEL in 2019. And today he show casing the products to meet the best casual lovers keeping in mind the sustainability of our planet- Earth.
Wondering why GREY ? Because our Designer believes that “grey” symbolises that it’s just ready to add something more onto the product. Yet, you are right! It’s haute couture embedded inside a designer.

About the Label

WELCOME TO THE UNIQUE WORLD… yes you have heard it right..a brand dedicated to ensure all your wearable’s are truly unique and create an identity! Welcoming the GREY LABEL !!!
Every GREY LABEL piece is a handpicked art that is styled and enhanced to become an intricate piece of art. At GREY LABEL we ensure that your unique ideneity remains intact and every garment is so designed. Keeping up to our motto of “NOTHING IS BETTER THAN ORIGINAL” we ensure that each garment is curated to you only after a thorough production process.
It’s time we flaunt not just our party wear, but all our casual and street wear as well. So… get set to be Uniquely You with Your Own GREY LABEL.

GREY LABEL- Shiv Pratap Singh

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