About Designer

JEWLS MADE FOR HER  established in 2015 by MEENU GUPTA.
Meenu Gupta is recognized for her contemporary indo western accessories and quality designs. She believes buying handmade also means buying products that are unique with more meaning. Her soulful devotion towards her client is to make them one in million not one of the millions . She always tries to make her each and every product unique and creative along with her special contemporary touch.

About the Label

“Handmade accessories is a very personal thing, it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it ” keeping this in mind,  Meenu always creates her theme first. As brand name herself is enough to tell the story about the brand . Each and every accessory is creative and absolutely unique made just for you  (clients). To be more accurate with her imagination she makes a colorful sketch of it, sometimes she uses to make dummy samples too, to be more perfect with her actual products.

There are two specific reasons to buy handmade accessories from JEWLS MADE FOR HER by MEENU GUPTA  are  –
1. Her handmade accessories are made with love and care.
2. And her handmade accessories are made just for you because handmade items won’t have been made in an anonymous factory, they have been worked by hand by a real person.

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