About Designer

CA by education, an ex-banker by profession and a designer by passion, Samyak took inspiration from his mother, a self-taught designer herself, and embarked on his journey in the fashion industry in 2020.

Having spent most of his own career wearing dull office formals, his fashion journey has been with the sole motive to make men’s wear more interesting and casual.

About the Label

Label  MAEN(TM) is a men’s artisanal apparel brand based out of the heart of desert in Rajasthan, India. Part of a group that’s been in the fashion business for over a decade and a half, they started their men’s wear journey in the midst of COVID.

The idea of Label Maen(TM) was conceived with a two-fold motive in mind: To create a brand value for artisanal products in the mainstream global apparel industry and, in the process, introduce unconventional and not-so-boring products in a man’s wardrobe.

Men have been, for as long as we can remember, been made to wear the same four colours and the same four designs. The blues, blacks, greys and whites. The idea began with our love of prints and with an intention to add some colour and bliss to a man’s collection– Designer.

About Designer maen

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