About Designer

NOTSOSURE is the brainchild of Neha Ostwal & Riddhi Bisani.
Neha Ostwal, 23-year-old co-founder with a major in Business and a background in Fashion Designing and Styling, Neha started her career with merchandising for a luxury Multi Designer store in Chennai. Riddhi Bisani, a 24-year-old co-founder has a background in Media and Luxury Brand Marketing started her career Interning with RBL brands in Mumbai.
The Duo co-incidentally Quit their jobs right before the pandemic and decided to do something of their own and came together to start their RTW brand, NOTSOSURE which is currently available in 30 online and off stores across the country.

About the Label

Tentativeness is a global pandemic. From major life choices to basic everyday decisions, being decisive takes a leap of faith. NOTSOSURE is here to help you take that leap. Be it, Statements or Staples, you’ll never be sure about what to wear unless you try it.An amalgamation of contemporary designs with a fluid sense of fashion. The brand name draws inspiration from the constant indecision that comes with picking and pairing clothes; while seeking to secretly resolve feminine tentativeness.
NOTSOSURE is ready to wear brand that doesn’t follow seasons and collections, but rather introduces pieces that would make you stand out or be a quality investment for your wardrobe.
Still Not So Sure? Try us, and take that leap towards being not so sure.


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