About Designer

Welcoming Mumbai based RUHI MEHRA who served the hospitality industry for more than 15 years and turned into a Fashion designer.
Heavy fabrics, frills, nets, and raw silk material never fascinated Ruhi since childhood while Ruhi’s fondness for cotton and types of softer fabrics grew, her wardrobe was mostly kinds of cotton and hypoallergenic fabric. “Eventually my friend & family started appreciating my choice of fabrics& clothing, they said your attire is fresh and they felt good, then I discovered my love for making the bedtime super cosy& comfy, I started to read & research a lot about fabrics that enhance sleep and why sleepwear is not given enough priority like party wear, or gym wear”, said Ruhi Mehra.
Ruhi had the product idea/ prototype tested and ready that would promote sleep, freedom from inners; to feel as if wearing nothing at all. Sleeping naked is the best but not possible hence introducing a material that feels like wearing nothing and a design that especially gives freedom to women from their bras.

About the Label

Difficult to find the perfect summer clothing for Men and Women? 
The key to the perfect summer wardrobe comes down to three things: The right breathable fabric. Lighter and brighter colours. An airy, relaxed fit. RUH- THE- SOUL brings to you all the things listed above in a single collection.
RUH THE SOUL was born during lockdown when the founder got enough time to experiment and there was no stopping to launching its first collection for Men, Women and Children called the LOTUS Collection and India’s 1st concept-driven sleepwear brand. 
Ruhi makes sure to use a crease-free fabric which is feather-light and feels like a part of your skin as she provides you with excellent designs along with extreme comfort along with numerous styles to choose from and provide you with all sizes so you can experience the perfect summer this season.
Let’s celebrate this Summer with Ruh-The Soul!


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