About Designer

Dikshita Falor is a fashion designer based in Chennai. Coming from a conservative family in Rajasthan, she’s always felt that wearing a certain type of clothing has been made a norm in society. Her yearly visits to her paternal family in Jaipur since childhood always kept her bound to her traditions and local crafts. But her never-ending curiosity and love for fashion turned her into a rebel and ignited her passion for fashion. Graduated from MIT Institute of Design, in affiliation with the University Of Creative Arts, London as the first creative person from the family. She gained experience in various roles ranging from Designer to Social Media and management which led her to explore the workings of Digital fashion. 
Her brand is a mixture of traditions and her inquisitiveness to break the norm and stand out in the crowd is what she wanted to offer to people coming from the same place as hers.

 About the Label

SHVALK is a homegrown Indo-western brand from Chennai, India. Shvalk is derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘to narrate’. At Shvalk they strongly feel that everything and everyone has a story to narrate, and they want their wearers who are bound by societal norms to stand out in the crowd while narrating their story. 

They take inspiration from cultures all over the world while staying true to Indian crafts & heritage. Their purpose is to offer people a mix of traditional handicrafts in their clothes all while breaking the norm. The collection is non-seasonal and they aim for each of their designs to be unique and timeless. They feel that fashion is much more than just a garment tossed over a body. It’s about collecting beautiful little pieces of yourself over time.

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