About Designer

The designer is ‘born and brought up’ in the land of rich culture ‘RAJASTHAN’ which known for the majestic forts, Royal places, vibrant festives, delicious food, art and even traditional costume .

Inspired by the artistic beauty of royalty , designer found his own way to convert the inspirations of art into the stunning products along with his own uniqueness .

About the Label

‘The house of Krisum ‘ is intensely concerned with design is an ART FORM.
The label first launched in January 2020.
From research into textile and attention to details. We create luxury clothing and accessories for men’s and women, where the passion of travels and satorial tradition is the key concept. Our influence is to blend the rich colours, motif and prints with modern style .
The house of Krisum seek to create luxurious design that leave unforgettable impression on the world .

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