About Designer

The girl who has love for fashion and who grows up scrolling Pinterest, experimenting with their clothing, introducing Dakshita Agarwal– Her aim was to make a brand which was affordable runway fashion and she founded her own label -“ UNIMODA”.  

About the Label

Started in 2020, UNIMODA  is an emerging indie fashion brand from Jaipur. The brand name is a combination of two words – *Uni*: Unique & *Moda*: Fashion.
UNIMODA provides pocket-friendly and ready-to-wear apparel. They are not only comfortable but also come in a vast range of designs and styles. Cotton is our primary choice of material. Since we are Jaipur-based, we have tried to mix modern and traditional concepts to create vibrant print and beautiful hand-block designs.

Fashion is subjective and changes every day. However, keeping up with trends does not have to be heavy on your pockets and have an extravagant wardrobe. You can enjoy traditional wear with a modern twist at a wallet-friendly price, all of this without compromising on comfort. Wear it to the office, on special occasions, on outings, or for regular weeks. Experience Unimoda’s splendid collection today.

About Designer & Label-unimoda

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