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I couldn’t beg to differ from “Racheal Zoe” who clearly believes that ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ I do not know why one would dis-agree with this line of thought.

Let me ask you one simple question, would you ever enter a meeting room in your super comfy PJs ? Even though they are extremely comfortable and you carry them with the utmost grace when at home, you wouldn’t yet dare to wear those in front of your boss or colleagues.

It is not just me but many dress scholars believe that dress is a way to send many social signals.  Yes, your dress is conveying much more than you think! ‘So remember folks, your clothes tell a story about you.’


The way we dress reveals not only identity but also gives insights of our lifestyle. We have all witnessed how the costume designers use fashion as a means to generate clues about a character or its lifestyle in movies.

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“Say for example, None of us will ever forget Harry Potter’s glasses or as a matter of fact our very own Kajol, who was always in those dungarees as ‘Anjali’ to portray a tom boy image on the contrary Rani Mukherjee wore the perfect mini-skirts to match her London girl image as ‘Tina’ in “ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ‘.

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To put it simply, let me say that Fashion is nothing but our appearance, manners and characterises put together. Let me remind you all of the last party you attended – All girls out there, did you not put on your lip gloss one last time before entering while your male partner would have ruffled his hair to set them in place? We all have been there and done that and all because even though clothing is a bare necessity of life, the way we wear it is an expression of who we are! And we definitely wish to stand out in our own ways.


While the concept of your clothes influencing those around you is not a new one for you all now, it has definitely been formed as a whole new psychology!

Clinical psychologist ‘Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner’ wrote a book on this phenomenon “You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You,” wherein she explains how psychology determines our clothing choices.

There are many studies which prove that the clothes we wear can have a very strong effect on the way we think and behave. For instance, a study at the ‘Kellogg School of Management ‘at North-western University found that students who wore a doctor’s coat had an increased attention span compared to students wearing a painters’ coat or no coat. Their actions were undoubtedly influenced by their clothing.

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The same is true for us. Let us all go back to our kinder garden days and remember the term ‘dress rehearsal’. Ever wondered why was it so important right before the play to once rehearse in your costume? Well, now you know. It was to make you feel more into the character.  Weren’t you all amazed to see how the right clothes brought up the performance to a whole new level and transformed an actor into a character.

Get Your ‘Power Outfit’ with some tips and hacks from Stylists of JUNCTION STORE :

Having said that your “Clothes define who you are”, we here styling team of JUNCTION STORE would like to give you a some very simple tips on how to get your Power Outfit :-

1. Do smart shopping instead of expensive one

First and foremost, always bear in mind dressing correctly is not always about how expensive your outfit is. It is about ensuring what you wear is neat and tidy. So, always prefer to buy cloths which you think you can wear at multiple occasion. Consider reading some fashion magazines, following some blogger you like for few tips here and there, Read about fabrics and colours that will suit your skin tone the best.

2. Always wear the moment

Dressing up as per the moment is very important . Formal or semi -formal is preferable if you are at work, while at a dinner you may dress in tie and suit . We should follow appropriate dress code ,we visit . For example- you should not wear torn jeans on the day of presentation or a heavily embroidered saree for movie , you will definitely look out of place .

3.Add some elements to give different look to same outfit

Always dress up rather than simply putting on an outfit. So, always prefer to do mix and match from your own wardrobe to create different look from same outfit you wore last time .The difference between the two lies in accessorising what you wear. Simple accessorise like watch, sling bags, clips, jackets, shrug , scarves can light up your dresses too.

4.Buy your own correct size that fits you well and make you feel good

Do not wear the clothes if that doesn’t fits you properly, either if it’s too tight or too loose its not for you. Only wear items that fits you so well and make you feel good . In this case one should take special care of well fitted under garments .

5 . Always wear clean and ironed clothes before leaving

My golden rule would be, always iron your clothes before wearing! Even the simplest, casual clothes when clean and ironed can convey an impression that you are disciplined and well-organised while an expensive yet wrinkled outfit will betray your sloppy side. Well , let people make shoe contact also with your polished and neat shoes .

6. Carry confidence, be yourself and create your own personal style

There is no other way to look more presentable if you are not carrying yourself with confidence ,even if you are not looking perfect . Well, make sure you stand up straight and you look upright , happy , bright and confident .We all possess unique strengths, so keep your body type , features etc in mind . It’s important to be true and comfortable with your own personality even if you are admiring your ideal and trying to be like him/her.

                                                                                                                 Let us know of what you think you clothes are saying about you. Write to us at . Stayed tuned and Keep reading about latest fashion and trends!

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