Did you ever have a situation where you were all dressed up to step out somewhere but stuck in the middle as you could not decide which handbag should you carry?  Women often have a hard time selecting the perfect handbag to carry for an occasion. It is very important to choose the right handbag as picking the wrong one would completely flop your look, no matter how gorgeous your outfit is. Getting your hands on a handbag will depend on your sense of style, personal taste, lifestyle, and satisfaction and moreover your aesthetic appeal to the society

There are different types of handbags for different occasions and knowing which one is perfect for what occasion can completely change your life. So we, the JUNCTION STORE Stylist are here to give you insights into the types of handbags that are ideal for you when you’re stepping out. Keep scrolling and enjoy reading!

Before knowing the types of handbags, it is necessary that you first know about few points mentioned below which would save you lots of time in selecting the right one for yourself.  Let’s dive in to know the types of handbags which would help you pick up the right one according to the occasion.


You cannot carry a *Messenger Bag when you’re out for a wedding party. Similarly, you cannot carry an embroidered *Potli Bag when you go out for a picnic with friends. You need to understand what the occasion is and how long you need to stay there and most importantly whether there is a theme or a dress code or not so that you do not mistakenly carry your wedding purse to your office.


These are rectangular shape bag which is  the right choice  for the working lady who needs to go to work. It has maximum space with multiple chambers and chains to carry your files, make-up essentials, and lunch-box with wide shoulder strap.

  •  POTLI BAG –

Potli bags  name is created  from it’s own shape and crafted mostly in silk  or satin fabric and embellished with stones, beads and embroidery. It’s a perfect choice with your ethnic attire for events or wedding function you are attending .

                                           Image Source: Google


You should also consider what all things you need to carry in your handbag, and it all depends on your needs for the occasion. If you’re out for a brunch date you would need your make-up essentials & your phone so a *Clutch Bag would be a perfect fit for this.  If you’re out for a picnic or shopping for a long day, you might need an umbrella, sunscreen, and other essentials. For that reason, a *Tote Bag is what you need. so it is recommended that you calculate and gather all the things which you need to carry and check whether it is properly adjusted in your bag.


Clutches are the small envelope bag that is perfect for wedding parties and dinner dates, it has an ample amount of space to carry your touch-ups, cash, phone, and keys.

  • TOTE BAG –

Tote bags are the best when you need to go out for a picnic or a beach with friends, you can keep all the essential pieces of stuff in it as it is a spacious bag. Additionally, they are stylish.

                                    Image Source: Google


Yes, it is important, by matching your handbags with the outfit we mean that your handbag should complement the whole look of the outfit together and not look like a separate element Like when you’re going out for a formal meeting, you would be required to look neat and carry all your essentials for that purpose a beautifully designed *Sling Bag can praise your overall look. Pay attention to the color of your outfit and the handbag, both should complement each other.


Sling bags are your best friends when you’re out for a movie or a walk, you can freely move your hand as it is worn over or across your shoulder. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with a strap to make you look stylish


Weather is a very important point to consider, specially we Indians should check the weather forecast before stepping out somewhere. Imagine taking your expensive leather bag on a rainy day outside, it would ruin your bag and make you feel like you wished you knew the weather outside before. If you like Leather bags then the winters are the perfect season for this, similarly, for summers you can style your outfit with a *Hobo Bag.

  • HOBO BAG – 

Hobo bags are the classic ones with a crescent shape, which is perfect when you’re traveling, you can keep all your essentials things in it which you would require on the way.

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You can’t deny the fact that picking perfect handbag can be truly game changer of the whole look either you are going for presentation  in your  formals or attending wedding in ethnic. Let’s be wise to choose handbags, so now that you got a clear idea of what all important things you need to consider before choosing the right handbag, Make a point that different handbags are made for different purposes apart from their style factor.

Now you know the importance of right handbag at right place. Let us know in the comment section which is your favourite  handbag and how do you like to carry it. Lastly, signing off with a note ” You cannot buy happiness but you can buy handbags which is equally the same thing” .

Hope this article has helped you to know how to pick the right handbag according to the occasion. If this article was interesting. Share it with your friends or in family groups who  need to know the styling hack with HANDBAGS. 

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