Hectic every rushing Mondays, sugar loaded office coffees and 9-5 shifts have stopped for a while now. The only thing that hasn’t stopped is our work! In this segment, JUNCTION STORE tells you how to pep up your mundane work from home, through light doses of fashion and style.

While the corporate culture has it own set clothing rules like smart casual Fridays and formals on the remaining days of the week, we don’t do what happens if we mix our favourite lounge wear with our formals ? Or rather how to strike a balance between our favourite go to PJs and our formal shirts?

Don’t worry! The stylist at JUNCTION STORE is here to help you solve all your fashion and styling problems. Simply follow our cues and you will show up for your work from home schedule like a BOSS!


As we all continue our social distancing pledge, this time definitely calls for Monday afternoon in our super comfy PJs, while still looking presentable to meet your colleagues on zoom. Haven’t you often had your colleagues joking about those who are spotted in a tie and a shirt on a zoom call, while outside the frame that’s all that they are wearing?

The much talked about ‘work from home outfits’ are nothing but something that will keep you at par while you are hoping between attending a zoom call and running your household errands.


The COVID-19 pandemic is begging this question: how to stay professional whilst enjoying the perks of saying at home like wearing your PJ’s with your laptop on your lap?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest

The Stylist at JUNCTION STORE suggests that at this time one should refuse to be anything but cosy in the comfort of my own crib. While there is no hard and fast rule for a work from home wardrobe. We at JUNCTION STORE recommend putting on anything that lifts your mood and sets you going for the day. Like, you may love to roam around your polyester wide leg pants teamed up with a loose tee while you are glued to the laptop in your lap. Try and wear anything that is clean, neat and tidy, stacked at the top of your wardrobe shelf.


The words ‘loungewear’ and ‘work from home outfits’ have flooded the internet over the last couple of months.  While we were all still on google figuring out a best comfy cum professional outfit, a Japanese company designed something known as Work From Home Jammies. These Jammies are a combination of shirt and pajamas.  Waist up its like a shirt while going downwards it’s a pajama. So the next time you attending a zoom call and your colleague is dressed in a shirt, don’t forget to joke about those being Jammies!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest


Work from Home ensures that you don’t have to worry about dress codes while working from home, stylists say this is the perfect time to experiment with your look. A business come casual look at home will make you productive at home.

Try and switch up yours looks so that lounge wear does not become your everyday look. Try your hands on bold looks which were never a part of your neutral palette work clothes.


If you wore make up to office, then why not wear the same while working from home?  The Stylist of JUNCTION STORE truly believes that wearing makeup to work helps to create a polished look and conveys confidence and power. The same is true at home, especially over video calls. Moreover, wearing make up helps some features pop more on video calls that may otherwise look washed out due to technology and poor lighting on the video call.

Simple and minimalistic make works the best for virtual meetings. Like applying moisturizer, a CC cream, a tiny bit of blush, and mascara can be your go to zoom call look!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest


While work from home calls for a comfortable work wear one should not look lousy while attending a meeting.  Here are some tips that might help you pep up for that virtual meeting.

1. Oily Hair? Big NO NO….

While oiling your hair definitely makes them healthy all your senior colleagues wont be happy to see those droplets of oil on your forehead. Look presentable and up beat even if you are wearing a casual tee and pajamas.

2. Do not attend a meeting in your sleepwear.

The first and foremost important rule in your quarantine shall be do not wear anything during the day which you might sleep in. Even when you are not presenting anything in a meeting. Looking presentable should be your priority.

3.Avoid wearing casual and aesthetics.

While a tank top or a casual tee might not be suitable for a professional zoom call, wearing shorts with a simple plain formal top might do wonders for you.

 4.Add Jewellery.

A simple plain necklace with a formal top is all you need for your next zoom call. If you not not much of a necklace person adding hoop earrings can also make up feel up beat.

5.Lightening matters.

Try and sit in a room with a window on the opposite side. Amply the lightning in the room. Lightening matters while attending a video call because if you are sitting in a room with a window and the window is behind you, it could create a shadow over your face and make it difficult for your colleagues to see you.

6.Make your eyes visible.

If your eyes are clearly visible in a video call it helps to create a contact. Creating a contact is the key in a video call meeting. Most of us talk through our eyes so if those are visible you will be able to convey your message clearly through the screen as well as in person.

                                                                       Let us know about your work from home experience during this Covid-19 pandemic . Write to us at Stayed tuned and Keep reading about latest fashion and trends!

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