“My friend who is soft and classic, is extremely lovely, elegant, and regal. She speaks with grace and softness yet there is certain authority in her tone.  If sitting on a chair, you would confuse her to be a mannequin. We all recognise her in this description, but maybe she wont! She is classic with a bit of softness.”

Well, You all can are now surely thinking about which friend of yours matches the above description so that you can related to the Classic in your personal life! So folks, gear up to learn more about ‘Classic Fashion’ and build your own perfectly refined capsule of timeless and versatile clothes. Keep scrolling and keep reading!


We have all heard of terms like classic movie, classic songs, classic cars and the reason you are here is to learn about classic fashion. While one may define classic fashion in a number of ways, but one thing that remains constant in every definition would be the fact that classic fashion is the one that stand the test of time meaning, it’s a fashion which is timeless in nature.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest

So what really is classic fashion? Is it a simple tee and jeans or it is that plain black dress? Don’t worry the JUNCTION STORE Stylist is right here to answer all your queries related to fashion. To begin with, let us put it simply as, quality is the essential element of classic fashion. Classic fashion comprises of mostly neutral colours, minimal detailing, tailored cut and clean silhouettes. Classic fashion is anything about which you won’t think twice, you just know that it would last many seasons and years. So when you talk about your simple white tee or plain black dress, I cannot beg to differ than call it Classic Fashion!


Clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, neat hems, neutral colors, simple stripes or minimal detailing– this is what we call a classic styling trick! You might think now, that classic styling is nothing but investment in clothes and accessories for a long period of time. Let me tell you all, that it is indeed TRUE!

Style icons who follow classic styling, like our very own Meghan Markle, don’t draw attention for their flashy over-the-top fashion trends. They invite the audience for the sharp details that lay within their classic dressing.  Like for example, Meghan Markle is often spotted wearing a simple black dress with a black clutch. But what draws our attention to turn back the page and take a glance at her pic is that tiny belt around her waist and that simple pearl necklace…it’s those details!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest


When talking about classics, we cannot really miss the Little Black Dress. If you are wondering whether the name explains the dress, well you are right! LBD or Little Black Dress is nothing but merely a short black dress, cut simply. We all have that one plain black dress that we often style with anything and everything in every and any season. It is our evergreen, but not green, go to dress! Isn’t that what classic fashion is all about? YES, It Is! So we all have a sense of the classic fashion already. All that is left is to pep you up with some small tips of our JUNCTION STORE Stylist.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest


We all end up discussing with our family and friends about what we should wear for our cousins wedding, what we should wear to a party and so on. But one constant question we have on our mind is what is our classic style?

We all wish to achieve that effortless polished look our style icons have, that just got up from bed yet polished look! We aren’t fashion icons, but we can all try..right?  So we at JUNCTION STORE have put in our 7 (seven ) classic styling tips for you lovely folks out there!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image Source: Pinterest


While the don’ts may exceed the does for this type of wardrobe, the focus should be on simplicity and detailing. Remember the key to make a  classic piece is that they shall become staples for you!

1. Fabrics

Include chiffon, velvet, silk, cashmere in your wardrobe.  Stay away from fabrics that are tight, uncomfortable, itchy, or stiff. Before selecting any fabric just ask yourself, whether you would  want to hug someone if they were wearing this?

2. Add Small Prints and Soft Florals

Get those small prints and florals to add that classic touch to your wardrobe. Flowers speak their own language. Flowers tell a visual story and have been floral prints have been used ever since. Floral dresses will make you feel renewed and refreshed.

3. No frills ! No Fuss !

For example, trendy, cutting-edge styles, busy prints and too many colors in one outfit are a big NO NO.  Avoid Flowy/ asymmetrical styles and frills. Consider wearing clean lines and focus on those small details that make a simple pearl necklace or a simple thin black belt.

4. Go simple on those Accessories

The trick is to pick and choose one or two soft accessories. Pearls, pendants, soft patterns, and possibly matching sets can work great for you. You can also try adding a small clutch or a simple thin belt.

5. Work Wear

A simple neutral colour dress can be styled up with a blazer or a cardigan. If you are a trouser person, plain straight fit trousers with a button up blouse paired with a blazer can make your classic work wardrobe.

6. Weekend Wear

Striped tees with black slim jeans and red lipstick will give you a perfect classic weekend look. You can also try wearing a pencil skirt if you wish!

7. Can’t Ignore Black

You might not like wearing a lot of black but one thing is for sure, this minimalistic colour never goes out of fashion. When you do wear color, it’s BOLD, and it tends to come in small doses like a colorful bag, or maybe a cardigan or sweater paired with an otherwise neutral outfit.

                                                                                                   We would love to hear about your own classic style! Write to us at and stay tuned, share and keep reading for latest fashion updates . 

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