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JUNCTION STORE has the best fashion photographers with immense experience in the entire catalogue of professional photography. We operate latest technology for delivering exceptional results as demanded.

JUNCTION STORE creates your ideology to realty. You can customise the Package as per your needs.
We provide a diverse range of services where as models, makeup artists, studio, props and many more are optional.


When deciding which event and exhibition to choose, you also have to figure out who specifically you are targeting at an exhibition. Consumer demographic is key to success.

We participate in exhibitions all over Delhi NCR.  JUNCTION STORE provides its designer the opportunity to showcase the best designs they have in different exhibition happening in the Delhi NCR region.


When it comes to getting your fashion start-up off the ground, celebrities can be a great resource for getting your brand’s name out there. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking up the phone and pitching your brand to the celebrity; if it were, everybody would do it but JUNCTION STORE have its ways to reach them.

You might not think of stylists as the people to contact with potential business opportunities, but for fashion start-ups, having a celebrity’s stylist vouch for your brand can tremendously increase your odds of getting a celebrity partnership. After all, who’s more qualified to assess whether there’s a good fit between your brand and a celebrity than JUNCTION STORE ?


Fashion Blogger/Influencer they all have their own unique voice, personality, and taste in fashion. These fashion bloggers bring their own unique perspective to highlight their favourite products, merchandise, and brands.

To bring your designs into limelight JUNCTION STORE have tie ups with these kind of fashion bloggers/influencers who can provide your product the attention required. JUNCTION STORE provides you the opportunity to showcase your products/ designs to the follower of these fashion bloggers/influencers who have follower range 25k to 50k, 50k to 100k, 100k & above.


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